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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Underground STL, Volume 2

How about Tuesday night STL ideas?

Tuesday Night - Mangia Italiano has half-price bottle o' wine night. If the present weather situation holds for awhile (ie - not a million motherfucking degrees per usual) it is a great locale for South Grand people watching. The food is outstanding, local, fresh, homemade - I can't think of anything on the Hill that compares - and the preparation is always perfect. My favorites are the Chicken Pappardelle and Spaghetti Mangia.

Added bonus - no real Eye-talians work there so you can pepper your conversation with, "Honey, git us another bottle of this here Wop wine" or "My neighbor is always sneaking around in his greasy Dago way" without getting into a fight.

Tuesday Con't - Trivia at Newstead Tower Public House at 8pm - the place (in the Grove at Manchester/Newstead) has a cool "gastro-pubby without pretentious douchebags" feel. I always judge a bar by what kind of glass they serve vodka in. I can't get God's Water at Mangia because they serve it in these miniature brandy goblet thingees. At Newstead, I receive my birthright in a weighty, beautifully carved, marbled glass vessel of love. My loins tingled just thinking of it.

ANYWAY, the trivia is run by Tenacious Trivia. The game at Newstead is different than the ones that they run at other bars - less pop culture, more stuff that proves you went to college outside of Missouri. For example, no "Friends" questions, but you may need to know what underhanded ploy the British tried on Gen. Washington in NY - smallpox ridden blankets, of course. As long as you realize that you are playing for second behind "Team Giacomo"(Yes, that's my team, idiot - maybe you shouldn't play after all) , a good time should be had by all. It's free to play, the prizes are usually free drinks of some kind and it is way laid back.


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Great, now there are two more places I can mark off my list of places to go on a Tuesday nite...

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