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Monday, May 22, 2006

Time, travel and people

Ok, I am tired of having no time. Of course, I'll blame it on traveling for work and too many items on the social agenda, but the truth is that I spend to much time drinking and being lazy because of said drinking. Actually, the truth is that I have time to do the things I NEED to do, but don't have the time to do the things I'd LIKE to do: more napping, leggy book editors, (that again), wandering the earth like Kane, having meaninfgul conversations with complete strangers. How much extra money does one need to make in order to hire a personal assistant? Sure, you'll look like an out-of-touch douchebag, but it would be worth some serious jack to me to have someone do laundry, dry cleaning, clean, landscape, read all of the week's news and recap it for me in a haiku, etc - especially if they do it all while wearing a french maid getup.

Ok, that complete strangers coversations thing from above is a lie. I'd like to be that person, but honestly, I'm the person that doesn't acknowledge another human being while traveling. Between my Ipod and 20 books I bring, I can go an entire day on plane, rental car, hotel, etc. without having a real conversation. During this time I'll even ignore cell calls and text message people back instead.

I generally just don't like people in general, ok? I don't have that salesman small talk gene. I'd like to bring up interesting topics with people I don't know (especially the leggy book editor in seat 16E), but seriously how realistic is that? "Excuse me there, Twiggy, if given the choice between West Wing, Neil Young or Nick Hornby, which medium would you choose this very second?" Such spontaneous banter repeated often enough would probably be a boon to one's sex life, but you would look like a clown. I have a hard enough time making a 5 minute conversation work when running into an old flame, "Uh, how are you? Great, how's the job/kids/lesbian lover/school thing going? Great. We should get a drink sometime - no, well it was great seeing you." Wow, that sounded depressing - got to stop ending these blogs like that.