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Monday, March 05, 2007

Que Sera?

Ok, for some reason I seem to have to have accumulated too many Saras and Sarahs in my cell address book. To the point where I don't know which ones are which.

I don't think Sara is a particularly common name, certainly not in the Jenny realm, but perhaps it has an accessibility that other names do not. Honestly, I probably wouldn't put a Candi or Miranda or the ilk in my cellphone even if it was my sister's name or co-worker's. But Sara?Sure. "Dave, this is my gardener's wife Sara." Next thing you know another cell entry. How does that happen?

You would think the spellings would help clarify somewhat, but honestly I don't know who spells it which way. The "h" in my mind doesn't scream at me so much. Now if any Sara(h)s are reading this out there, they're muttering every expletive in the book at me for not not recognizing their spelling as the universal right-thinking one, but come on - an "H" detante is needed. I would understand if you were a Stacy or Stacey and are battling the Stacies of the world. (I envision Stacys and Staceys putting aside their petty grievances to unite in one campaign of terror on Stacies).

I could distinguish on personal characteristics (Sarah Accounting, Sarah Short, Sara Pretty Smile) - but that's a slippery slope. I once put someone in as "Mena" because she looks like Mena Suvari, but to this day whenever I see her, I have no idea what her real name is, which is always awkward.

Anyway, the reason the Sara(h) thing is an issue is that of the half dozen or so in my cellphone, it's a wide gamut from family, to work, to once dating now platonic, to now platonic maybe dating later, etc. I mean, that's tricky enough to manage without the headache of worrying if your text if going to the right person. Plus, people don't generally respond back if it goes to the wrong person.

Luckily for me, people who know me either think 1) That Dave has a quirky sense of humor or 2) That Dave - I never have any idea what the hell he is talking about - both of which cover a lot of sins in this regard, but I really need to start adding last names.