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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Swell Season

SO, I saw The Swell Season at The Pagaent last week. You know the Irish guitar guy and the Croatian piano girl from the movie "Once"? No? Nothing? Well, rent the movie - it's pretty good.

SO, the opening act was a couple of Irish busking dudes. They were doing their oh-so-charming Irish pitter-patter and guitar dealio when they introduced a song thusly: "We wrote this song about a subject oh-so-dear-to-us (pronounced as one word)..."

SO, I'm thinking, "OK, genocide in Darfur, the price of gasoilne, American beer advertising..."

Um, no.

"...the Irish Potato Famine of 1847."

Really? Serious, micks, get over it. If it's not the potato famine, it's forced labor on building railroads or some other crap. Is there a whinier group as a people than the Irish? At least "the troubles" with the English happened in the last century. Since Bono already covered that territory, I guess they need to go further back.

Am I writing ditties on the Soviets letting the Nazi's wipe out Warsaw in 1945?

Are Archduke Ferdinand's survivors penning menacing warnings to Bosnians?

Is Britney still trying to compose a masterpiece to get back at Justin for "Cry Me a River"?

Ok, I'll give you that last one.

Friday, May 02, 2008

More Scenes from Chicago Midway

and we are live from a barstool in Manny's Cafe...

Overtanned, shirt opened, late 20's male (in Brooklyn accent):
"So, yeah, the trip was five grand, but, yuh see, I won aNOTHer five grand, and we spent that, too. But we were doin, ya know...

[Bartender, I need 3 cosmos, a Bel& soda, a Ketel One & soda with a lime]

...we were doin riDICulous shit, rentin boats, boat CRUISES, fishing, what have you. RIDICulous.

Older lady runs up: Hey, they're boarding us right NOW...

NY Dude: What happened to the 30 minute delay? Aw hell, make that 3 more Bud Lights.

Bartender: You still want the cosmos and vodkas?

NY Dude: Yeah - and 3 more Bud Lights. So, what happened to the 30 minute delay?

Older lady: I dunno. They just... we're boarding now.

NY Dude (to one in particular): The guy said a 30 minute delay.

Bartender: That's $61.75

NY Dude: Thanks. Hey, buddy (making a big show), THIS is for you (hands bartender a $20 bill).

NY dude and older lady swagger off down the terminal carrying drinks.